Heikin-Ashi and the Italian Rates: ITLY

December 2, 2011

Heikin-Ashi works with any financial instrument, in any time frame.

ITLY ETN tracks Italian Treasury Bond Futures:

  • Bonds up, interest rates down
  • Bonds down, interest rates up

The weekly ITLY heikin-ashi chart shows again how haDelta helps to get important advance signals:

  1. The failure of the haDelta indicator (red) is a very, very safe sign that a bearish trend will develop soon. It did.
  2. haDelta turned above its short moving average on Friday November 25 (bullish) when the heikin-ashi traditional chart still showed a clear downtrend. Advantage (again) haDelta!

The current setting favors a decline of the Italian interest rates and acts as a great relief for the markets.

Heikin-Ashi and the Italian Bonds 12/1/2011 ITLY

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