A Long-Term Bullish Candidate $TIF

August 23, 2012

I recently saw an analysis indicating a bullish non-heikin-ashi pattern for Tiffany $TIF on the daily chart.

In trading as in life, everything bullish remains in place until the bullish trend is invalidated.

Looking at the daily chart, the current uptrend gets technically into trouble with a close below 52.75 (the two lows in August).

There are very small odds for $TIF to drop like a stone in the water; the alternative for $TIF to get weaker is to display lower highs and lower lows from this point.

Moving to the monthly chart we see that the bullish move in August was already triggered by haDelta on July 31. Those who use only heikin-ashi charts are still waiting for the trend reversal confirmation (white heikin-ashi candle).

Advantage haDelta (again)!
The key to a more immediate $TIF price action is the weekly heikin-ashi chart.

And it does not look bullish at all…


A Long-Term Bullish Candidate $TIF  8/22/2012

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