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Heikin-Ashi + Ichimoku = Trend $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA #markets #trading #stocks, trendfollowing

January 21, 2015

$SPX daily

  • Ichimoku signal: Big move ahead.
  • (-) Caution: Chikou-span is below the price.


$SPX heikin-ashi and Ichimoku daily chart

$SPX weekly

  • (+) Superb uptrend.
  • (+) Even if the trailing stop says “Get out!”, it depends on how much you are ready to risk/lose. Chikou span remained above the price.
  • (-) Caution: The haOscillator is negative.


$SPX heikin-ashi and Ichimoku weekly chart

$SPX monthly

  • (+) Superb uptrend with technical indications for a continuation.


$SPX heikin-ashi and Ichimoku monthly chart

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