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How tired is $FB? #markets #trendfollowing #stocks #trading

July 23, 2015

Facebook ($FB) daily

  • The uptrend is intact.
  • Red arrows point to earlier price top signals on the haDelta chart.
  • The blue arrow shows a bounce – a strong bullish indications when it appears in an uptrend.
  • The protective stop removes doubts.


Facebook ($FB) weekly

  • haDelta is too noisy. In these cases, consider its average (red line).
  • Nice uptrend with trailing-stop protection.


Facebook ($FB) monthly

  • The blue arrows are indications of stronger uptrends.
  • Momentum is ready to hit a ceiling (red dashed line).
  • The protective stop is there and working.


Bottom line:

  • Bullish, ready to hit $100.
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