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How attractive is $AAPL today? $SPX #markets #trendfollowing #heikinashi

February 10, 2019

Apple ($AAPL) daily

  • (+) In uptrend (longer up segments in blue than those in retracement).
  • (+) Above the trailing-stop
  • (-) haDelta is negative and this retracement should last (hopefully not hitting the stop)


Apple ($AAPL) weekly

  • (+) Heikin-Ashi at its best.
  • (!-) Unfortunately, haDelta is very near high historical levels. In translation, $AAPL will hit resistance and later, reversal.


Apple ($AAPL) monthly

  • (+!) Positive but cautious.
  • The buy-stop is @204.20 almost 20% from here.

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