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$TSLA and $SPX, a #heikinashi trend perspective | #markets #trendfollowing #trading #investing #technology #Tesla #SP500

May 23, 2021

The most important question in trading/investing is “How much are you ready to lose?”

With an honest and firm answer – a good stop-loss makes the difference – trading and investing become more rewarding and everything starts falling into the right places.

Tesla  ($TSLA) daily

  • (+)   Still negative.
  • (!) Weak Buy-stop @656.65

Tesla  ($TSLA) weekly

  • (!)   At support in a downtrend (potential double bottom)
  • (!)   Signs of a *potential reversal this week (haDelta, positive inverse divergence)

Tesla  ($TSLA) monthly

  • (!) Negative.
  • (-) Ugly haDelta.

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+)   Positive

SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (+)   Positive, higher highs, higher lows.
  • (!)    haDelta is already weak.

SP-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (+)   Clear, no-noise uptrend. Bubble or Trend, the Stop-loss is there and obvious.
  • (-) haDelta shows a sign of weakness (consolidation or downtrend). Weakness or Strength, the Stop-loss is there and obvious.

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