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Why the #cryptocurrencies are a falling knife now $BTC.X $ETH.X $LTC.X #bitcoin #ether #ethereum

March 18, 2018 Comments off

As long as *fundamental positive* news will be non-existent,

the established downtrend continues with reactions far smaller than the downtrend segments in-between.

Reactions are selling opportunities.  A classic falling-knife behavior.

Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) daily

  • Support @$6,000


Ether/USD ($ETH.X) daily

  • One support, broken. Two more to go.


Litecoin/USD ($LTC.X) daily

  • Support @$100.




#bitcoin, trends, filters, and stop-loss $BTC.X $ETH.X $LTC.X

March 11, 2018 Comments off

Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) daily

  • Downtrend highlighted by a bandpass filter (pane #3).
  • The filter adds trend confidence when haDelta offers whipsaws.
  • haDelta points to a reversal that needs to be confirmed by the bandpass filter (BP).


Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) weekly

  • Here, the bandpass filter (pane #3) has a positive slope, but…
  • haDelta points to a reversal at zero.
  • Best is to wait for haDelta action.


Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) monthly

  • A downtrend highlighted both by haDelta and the bandpass filter (panes #2 and #3).
  • The month is not over yet (technical indications may change).


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More selling, less buying $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA #markets #trading #investing

March 4, 2018 Comments off

S&P-500 daily

  • (+-) Consolidation with a negative bias
    • (-) The close is near the recent low and very far from the January top
    • (-) The close is below the Ichimoku cloud
    • (-) Chikou-span is below the price
  • (+) S&P-500 is resting on support (subchart #2)
  • (+-) haDelta may turn above its average (subchart #3)


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This time it’s serious $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJ30 $QQQ $COMPQX #DJ30 #Nasdaq #markets #trends

February 4, 2018 Comments off

SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

DJ-30 ($DJ30) weekly

$QQQ weekly


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Twitter time $TWTR #twitter #trends #markets

January 28, 2018 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily


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Bearish signal for $ETHUSD #cryptocurrencies #ethereum #litecoin #bitcoin

January 20, 2018 Comments off

Ether USD ($ETHUSD) weekly


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Bad (ugly) technicals for $GE #trading #investing #technicalanalysis

January 18, 2018 Comments off

General Electric ($GE) daily

  • (- -) Two gaps down with black candles
  • (+) Oversold (see haDelta)


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