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$BB, how to spot a breakout. Don’t touch $AAPL (yet). #heikinashi #markets #trendfollowing #trading #investing #technology #Apple #Blackberry

May 29, 2021 Comments off

The most important question in trading/investing is “How much are you ready to lose?”

With an honest and firm answer – a good stop-loss makes the difference – trading and investing become more rewarding and everything starts falling into the right places.

Blackberry  ($BB) daily

  • (+)   Several entry points: 1, 2, and 3. The stop is obvious @8.62.
  • (+) The bullish falling wedge, prior to (1), was a very early indication for a small long position as indicated for the daily Heikin-Ashi Chartbook service.
  • (++) Emphasis is placed on the haDelta signal (2).

Blackberry  ($BB) weekly

  • (+)   Positive divergence.
  • (+) Positive haDelta signal.
  • (-) Caution! Still below the Buy-stop @14.36.

Blackberry  ($BB) monthly

  • (+) Reversal Heikin-Ashi candle.
  • (+) Positive haDelta signal.
  • (!) Almost the same Buy-stop as on the weekly time frame (serious resistance).

Apple ($AAPL) daily

  • (!)   Do not touch. The chart is crystal clear, for now.

Apple ($AAPL) weekly

  • (!)    Head-and-Shoulders pattern. At support that will hold.
  • (+)   Positive, above the trailing-stop.
  • (+) Positive haDelta signal.

Apple ($AAPL) monthly

  • (!)   Consolidation, pennant or not.
  • (!) haDelta points to weakness.

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