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How Far Will $AMZN Run? $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY

January 25, 2013 Comments off

Daily chart

  1. Comfortable vis-a-vis its trailing-stop
  2. Despite the sustained uptrend, the haDelta :: SMA(3) bullish crossing offers indications of a strong trend ahead


How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013

Weekly chart

  1. Difficult to overcome the haDelta resistance
  2. Caught inside a medium-term consolidation (haDelta is inside an ascending triangle)


How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013

Monthly chart

  1. Caution: haDelta is approaching the first resistance level.

How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013


Amazon (Update)

January 19, 2012 Comments off

Heikin-ashi shows very clear trends and reversals, far clearer than any other technique.

The moving average (dotted line) works as a filter with a clear message after a short two-week consolidation.

Amazon (Updated) 1/18/2012

Risk Management Makes THE Difference: NFLX, AMZN

January 10, 2012 Comments off

Netflix (NFLX) is on everyone’s lips.

Heikin-ashi was generous in the past providing fake long signals (yellow). A volatility-based buy-stop system (lower pane) provides a very lucrative filter to avoid traps.

The latest long signal, although it has been triggered initially with a heikin-ashi white candle, got a confirmation with a regular close above the buy-stop line.

Nothing is perfect, capital preservation is objective #1, and a simple risk management system can remove weak signals.


Risk Management Makes THE Difference: NFLX

Yesterday’s post “The Sleeping Beauty” indicated the possibility of an uptrend for Amazon (AMZN) for the simple reason that the last  Heikin-ashi candles were white.

Since the heikin-ashi technique is more than white and black candles, attention must be given to risk & capital management.’

This is how AMZN looks like when we apply the same volatility-based stop as for NFLX; the bullish assumption was far from a clear long signal.

Risk Management Makes THE Difference: AMZN

The Sleeping Beauty: AMZN

January 8, 2012 Comments off

Heikin-ashi offers several technical indications for an immediate trend reversal:

A. heikin-ashi typical reversal pattern

B. positive divergence price :: HA oscillator

C. the HA oscillator moved in positive territory

The Sleeping Beauty: AMZN

Another SMA(3) Failure for Amazon

December 21, 2011 Comments off

Today’s drop is a result of the SMA(3) failure just below zero line.

This is a simple yet powerful anticipation signal.

Another SMA(3) Failure for Amazon 12/21/2011

Chart of the Day: AMZN

October 16, 2011 Comments off

Amazon (AMZN) shows upside potential based on heikin-ashi technique.

As long as SMA(3) remains positive, AMZN is bullish.


Chart of the day 10/14/2011 AMZN

Chart of the day: AMZN

September 30, 2011 Comments off

Yesterday, the heikin-ashi chart indicated a consolidation.

haDelta was more precise, showing a weakness despite Amazon’s tablet announcement.

The success of heikin-ashi, as it is shaped today, is the combination between

  • heikin-ashi candles (for the right-brained traders) and
  • the quantification offered by haDelta (left-brained traders) .

It’s difficult to beat this simple approach. Heikin-ashi cannot be ignored any longer…

Chart of the day 09/30/2011 AMZN

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