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(Follow-up) Why Facebook Is a Dangerous Short Here $FB $QQQ $GRPN

February 2, 2013 Comments off


  1. haDelta reversal + crossover at support
  2. A heikin-ashi reversal candle (Note: Use any trailing-stop to protect against grey swans)


Follow-up: Why Facebook Is a Dangerous Short Here $FB $QQQ $GRPN 2/1/2013

How Far Will $AMZN Run? $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY

January 25, 2013 Comments off

Daily chart

  1. Comfortable vis-a-vis its trailing-stop
  2. Despite the sustained uptrend, the haDelta :: SMA(3) bullish crossing offers indications of a strong trend ahead


How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013

Weekly chart

  1. Difficult to overcome the haDelta resistance
  2. Caught inside a medium-term consolidation (haDelta is inside an ascending triangle)


How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013

Monthly chart

  1. Caution: haDelta is approaching the first resistance level.

How Far Will $AMZN Run?  $QQQ $EBAY $SPX $SPY  1/24/2013

$AAPL Head-and-Shoulders – Target: 320 $QQQ $SPX $SPY

January 24, 2013 Comments off

Apple weekly chart (see below)

Upper pane

  1. Waiting for a resolution of the bearish Head-and-Shoulders following a sustained long uptrend
  2. Price objective: 320 (based on H&S characteristics)
  3. The thickness of the Ichimoku cloud in the next 13-15 weeks suggests a resistance difficult to overcome
  4. Note the change of trend 26 weeks in the future on the Ichimoku chart: Usually, such points warn about a strong trend to develop during this time

Middle pane

  1. The haDelta average SMA(3) was negative (yellow area)
  2. haDelta and SMA(3) failed to become positive (bad sign)

Lower pane

  1. Failures to go above the oscillator’s resistance (50-60 area) = Weakness


$AAPL Head-and-Shoulders Target: 320 $QQQ $SPX $SPY 1/23/2013

Why You Should Use Heikin-Ashi for Your Trading $AAPL

October 8, 2012 Comments off

Because heikin-ashi filters out the noise and haDelta offers frequent advanced signals.

Here are some observations building the foundation for a further $AAPL weakness:

  1. haDelta crossed below its SMA(3) one day earlier (dashed vertical line)
  2. SMA(3) failed to rise above zero (very bearish sign)
  3. haDelta and its SMA(3) had a bearish crossing near zero (another very bearish sign)
  4. What happened today is a result of 2. and 3.
  5. Ready for a short bounce at support (blue area)

Beware $AAPL!

Why You Should Use Heikin-Ashi for Your Trading $AAPL 10/8/2012

If you don not have access to heikin-ashi or/and haDelta, use Ichimoku.

A Close below Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen with Tenkan-sen below Kijun-sen is a bad omen. And we have one here…

Why You Should Use Heikin-Ashi for Your Trading $AAPL 10/8/2012

A Timid Positive Divergence for Intel

June 5, 2012 Comments off

The confirmation of a bullish signal is far from today’s close: Just above the Ichimoku cloud.


A Timid Positive Divergence for Intel  6/4/2012   $INTC INTC


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