Catching a killing knife $BTCUSD $ETHUSD #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency

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Neither #Bitcoin nor #Ethereum is a Buy now or even soon.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) daily

  • (+) A very short reaction is expected. More Selling in these reactions.
  • (-) Downtrend with $2,000 support penetrated.
  • (-) Descending triangle (bearish) mid-June / present. Support broken.
  • (-) Technical target based on the descending triangle: $1,000


Bitcoin (BTCUSD) weekly

  • (-) Bearish. Don’t touch.


Bitcoin (BTCUSD) monthly

  • (+) This chart looks bullish from a technical perspective, but… the inside-month is worrying.
  • (-) Bearish. The fall just started.


Ethereum (ETHUSD) daily

  • (-)   Breaking easily all supports. Bad.
  • (–) Technical indicators are extremely negative.
  • (-) Oversold can go into more oversold!


Ethereum (ETHUSD) weekly

  • (-) S-oscillator is below 50.
  • (-) Laguerre RSI is below 80.




A #heikinashi look at $TSLA & a $420 target | #markets #trendfollowing #F #investing

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Tesla ($TSLA) daily

  • (+) Bullish haDelta
  • (+) haOscillator ready to turn higher (oversold)


Tesla ($TSLA) weekly

  • (-) Top


Tesla ($TSLA) monthly

  • (+) Room to go higher (not in a straight line, though).


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When in doubt, use #heikin-ashi with #laguerre $SPX $SPY $BTCUSD $ETHUSD

June 16, 2017 Comments off

S&P 500 daily

S&P 500 weekly

S&P 500 monthly

Bitcoin (USD) daily

  • (-) Expecting a reaction, short reaction


Bitcoin (USD) weekly

Bitcoin (USD) monthly

  • (+-) Some weakness.


Buy or sell $BTCUSD? Buy or sell $ETHUSD #blockchain #ethereum #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

June 6, 2017 Comments off

Relative strength RS BTCUSD/ETHUSD (daily)

  • Both #cryptocurrencies had a huge run since April. This is the reason why the Relative Strength RS is almost flat, with no clear indication which currency is stronger.


Bitcoin, a tough nut easier to crack with #heikinashi #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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$BTCUSD daily returns


$BTCUSD daily


$BTCUSD weekly


$BTCUSD monthly


How to remove market noise with #heikinashi #markets #trading

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S&P 500 heikinashi chart (yearly)

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$ADBE bullishness #markets #trading #Adobe #trendfollowing

May 14, 2017 Comments off

Adobe ($ADBE) daily

  • (+) Uptrend, no doubts


Adobe ($ADBE) weekly

  • (+) Uptrend


Adobe ($ADBE) monthly

  • (!) Pause

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