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STOP giving up gains. Use a *reliable trailing-stop. $ACB $MJ #cannabis #markets #trends #trendfollowing #heikinashi

March 17, 2019 2 comments

Aurora Cannabis ($ACB) daily

  • Regardless of what RSI(14) says (overbought or oversold), use a trailing-stop to capture more of the existing trend.
  • As the old books say, when RSI(14) falls below 90 or 70, it’s time to exit (overbought). False. As long as the close remains above the trailing-stop, RSI(14) is noise, has only informational value, and it’s not a decisional factor.
  • The risk factor is the only variable the trader may or may not feel comfortable with (13.63% in this case).


MJ (Cannabis ETF) daily

  • (+) Ascending triangle, ready to explode.



$MJ, a #cannabis play | #markets #trendfollowing #heikinashi $WEED,CA $CRON $TLRY $ACB $ACB.CA $GWPH

February 3, 2019 Comments off

Alternative Harvest ETF ($MJ)  daily

  • (!) @resistance. Wait.
  • (+) Uptrend.
  • (+) 10% to stop-loss. Easy to digest?


Alternative Harvest ETF ($MJ)  weekly

  • (+) Positive haDelta signal.


Alternative Harvest ETF ($MJ)  monthly

  • (+) Room to go to $43.


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