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$ADBE: A 3D #heikinashi view | #markets #Adobe #trendfollowing #investing

July 21, 2019 Comments off

Adobe ($ADBE) daily

  • (+) Uptrend (higher highs, higher lows.
  • (+) Risk: 4% to the trailing-stop.
  • (+) S-oscillator is above 50%.
  • (!)  haDelta near zero: consolidation or strong uptrend from here.


Adobe ($ADBE) weekly

  • (+) Risk: 13.5%.
  • (!)  S-oscillator near 90 (top or strong uptrend). Bias towards uptrend.


Adobe ($ADBE) monthly

  • (++) Perfect uptrend.
  • (+)   Risk; 22.5%.




Why oversold doesn’t mean ‘sell’

September 9, 2018 Comments off

The most extended monthly charts in the SP-500 index.

Are they a ‘Sell’ because of this? No, unless several support levels are broken.

$ALGN monthly chart

XL Capital ($XL) monthly chart

Advanced Auto Parts ($AAP) monthly chart

Amazon ($AMZN) monthly chart

Netflix ($NFLX) monthly chart

Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) monthly chart

Chipotle ($CMG) monthly chart

Adobe ($ADBE) monthly chart


$ADBE: Buying higher, selling higher #markets #trading #Adobe #technicalanalysis #trendfollowing

April 15, 2018 Comments off

Adobe ($ADBE) daily

  • (+) Uptrend (higher highs, higher lows)
  • Entry long @232 (above March high)
  • Stop @208 (April low)


Adobe ($ADBE) weekly

  • (+) Uptrend with a clear trailing-stop.


Adobe ($ADBE) monthly

  • (++) Superb uptrend. Stop (risk) at 16% below current level

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$ADBE bullishness #markets #trading #Adobe #trendfollowing

May 14, 2017 Comments off

Adobe ($ADBE) daily

  • (+) Uptrend, no doubts


Adobe ($ADBE) weekly

  • (+) Uptrend


Adobe ($ADBE) monthly

  • (!) Pause

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Why $ADBE looks bullish #heikinashi #technicalanalysis #Ichimoku #adobe #stocks

August 21, 2016 Comments off

Adobe ($ADBE) daily

  • (+) Inverse head-and-shoulders pattern with an approximate objective of $108
  • (!) The pattern is in an uptrend (lower reliability)
  • (+) Above the #Ichimoku cloud
  • (+) haOscillator is ready to turn up from lower level
  • (!) haDelta and its average are negative


Adobe ($ADBE) weekly

  • (+) J-hook pattern for the haOscillator
  • (+) Above the cloud and above all #Ichimoku lines


Adobe ($ADBE) monthly

  • (+) Uberbullish



More Juice to Squeeze From $ADBE

October 25, 2012 Comments off

Daily: Bullish (haDelta crossed above its SMS3 near zero).


More Juice to Squeeze From $ADBE  10/24/2012


Weekly: More space to run before haDelta resistance (red dashed line) is hit.


More Juice to Squeeze From $ADBE  10/24/2012

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