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Why oversold doesn’t mean ‘sell’

September 9, 2018 Comments off

The most extended monthly charts in the SP-500 index.

Are they a ‘Sell’ because of this? No, unless several support levels are broken.

$ALGN monthly chart

XL Capital ($XL) monthly chart

Advanced Auto Parts ($AAP) monthly chart

Amazon ($AMZN) monthly chart

Netflix ($NFLX) monthly chart

Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) monthly chart

Chipotle ($CMG) monthly chart

Adobe ($ADBE) monthly chart



It’s $AMZN time! #trends #amazon #AMZN #heikinashi #technicalanalysis

January 7, 2018 Comments off

Amazon ($AMZN) daily

  • (+) Above November¬†high.
  • (+++) Positive Heikin-Ashi average crossover near zero. A very bullish signal.
  • (+) Laguerre RSI is over 0.80


Amazon ($AMZN) weekly

  • (+) Bullish Heikin-Ashi average crossover.
  • (+) Laguerre RSI = 1.


Amazon ($AMZN) monthly

  • (-) Heikin-Ashi averages are ready to offer a negative crossover (Top or consolidation).


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Part Two: In $AMZN we trust | #markets #trendfollowing #heikinashi #investing #Amazon $BABA

November 26, 2017 Comments off

Amazon ($AMZN) daily

  • (+) Breakout (see Part 1 here)
  • (+) S-oscillator has room to go higher


Amazon ($AMZN) weekly

  • (-) Overextended, but…
  • (+) it may be similar with 2016, 2017 us


Amazon ($AMZN) monthly

  • (+) As long as S-oscillator remains above zero, the trend is positive


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The future looks bright. Strong #heikinashi long-term signals for $AMZN | $BABA

October 27, 2017 Comments off

Amazon ($AMZN) monthly

  • (++) haDelta signals at/near zero
  • (++) Since 2015, above support (only 17% above it)


Why $AMZN is not a buy righ now #heikinashi #amazon #markets #retail

September 24, 2017 Comments off

Amazon ($AMZN) daily 

  • (-) Possible Head-and-Shoulders top pattern
  • (-) S-oscillator is below 50
  • (-) Laguerre-RSI close to zero


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Timing with #heikinashi $FB $AMZN #markets #Amazon #Facebook #trendfollowing

April 23, 2017 Comments off

Facebook ($FB) daily

  • (-) Temporary top here


Amazon ($AMZN) daily

  • (+) haDelta is faster than haOscillator (yellow arrow)
  • (-) haOscillator failed to go positive


Amazon ($AMZN) weekly

  • (-) Weekly and daily charts show a similar haDelta pattern near zero line


Amazon ($AMZN) monthly

  • (+) Uptrend



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Bullish picture for $AMZN #markets #equities #amazon

February 26, 2017 Comments off

Amazon ($AMZN) daily

  • (+) Above the trailing-stop
  • (-) Reversal at resistance
  • (-) HA indicators reversed


Amazon ($AMZN) weekly

  • (+) haDelta is ready to turn bullish


Amazon ($AMZN) monthly

  • (+) Uptrend
  • (+) S-oscillator is ready to trigger a bullish signal
  • (+-) haOscillator is inside a consolidation triangle


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