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$BLOK, another reason to use a verified trailing stop | #markets #trendfollowing #trading #investing #heikinashi #robinhood #blockchain

January 17, 2021 Comments off

Blockchain ETF ($BLOK) weekly

  • (-) Since April, haDelta was mostly positive, above and below its average (2 occurrences of noise)
  • (-) Since April, Heikin-Ashi candles displayed hiccups in August-September (2 occurrences of noise)
  • (++) Since April, the trailing stop captured the uptrend¬†perfectly (0 noise)


$BLOK is the future | #heikinashi #markets #blockchain #trendfollowing

August 2, 2020 Comments off

$BLOK daily

  • (+) Great uptrend, sitting on MA(13).


$BLOK weekly

  • (++) Large volumes in an uptrend


$BLOK monthly

  • (++) Large volumes since the March bottom.
  • (+)¬† ¬†Breakout.


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