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Higher risk than reward. A #heikinashi view of an extended market $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA

October 7, 2018 Comments off

S&P-500 (yearly)

  • (+) Still in an uptrend.
  • (-)  $SPX needs to make a higher high next year to maintain this trend. Questionable.

S&P-500 (monthly)

  • (+) An 11% deviation is where the breaks scream “Stop!”
  • (-) Slowdown. Mov(C, 10) is closing up with the price, despite the last euphoric segment.
  • (+-) Danger zone when the close will go below its 10-month average.


S&P-500 (weekly)

  • (-) Slowdown. The 10-week average is closing up with the price (price is slower than the average).


S&P-500 (daily)

  • (-) Short-term, trouble. The recent low should not go below the one in September. Otherwise, the uptrend gets weaker.
  • (-+) Levels of support (blue dashed lines).


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Why oversold doesn’t mean ‘sell’

September 9, 2018 Comments off

The most extended monthly charts in the SP-500 index.

Are they a ‘Sell’ because of this? No, unless several support levels are broken.

$ALGN monthly chart

XL Capital ($XL) monthly chart

Advanced Auto Parts ($AAP) monthly chart

Amazon ($AMZN) monthly chart

Netflix ($NFLX) monthly chart

Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) monthly chart

Chipotle ($CMG) monthly chart

Adobe ($ADBE) monthly chart


#heikinashi trends and reversals to the mean | $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA

July 22, 2018 Comments off

When the trend gets stretched, use #heikinashi and a stop, very a good stop.

S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

S&P-500 ($SPX) weekly

S&P-500 ($SPX) monthly


A #heikinashi safe view: $SPX is bullish | $SPY $DIA $DJIA

July 13, 2018 Comments off

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) At daily resistance, with higher lows
  • (+) haDelta turns higher above zero
  • (+) Laguerre-RSI hits 1
  • (!) The stop @2,731 is a safe bet


SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (+++) haDelta strong signal. Period.


SP-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (+) Bullish technical formation in an uptrend
  • (+) A superb trailing-stop, Buffet-style
  • (+) Laguerre-RSI is above 0.8


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A market short bounce is expected | $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA #heikinashi

July 2, 2018 Comments off

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) At support
  • (+) Weak positive haDelta signal
  • (-) Laguerre-RSI is still in oversold territory


SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

SP-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (+) Positive haDelta signal


Your decision: Hope or #heikinashi? #cryptocurrencies $BTC.X $ETH.X $LTC.X

June 30, 2018 Comments off

Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) daily

  • Hope is back and big
  • Facts:
    • (-) Lower lows, lower highs
    • (-) Must take the resistance @7,000
    • (+) Positive divergences
    • (+) Weak entry haDelta signal


Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) weekly

  • (+) #heikinashi body-inside-body
  • (+) Weak entry haDelta signal


Bitcoin/USD ($BTC.X) monthly

  • (!!) Consolidation at support
  • (-) Negative haDelta


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Green, Orange, Orange $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA #markets #investing #trading #heikinashi

May 6, 2018 Comments off

The Orange status points to a transition from red to (light) green.

S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (-)  Inside a descending triangle with a bearish bias.
  • (+) Obvious resistance levels.
  • (+) The Heikin-Ashi combined chart displays a green status.
  • (+) A higher low (May vs April).
  • (!)  For a higher high as a confirmation of an uptrend from the April low, wait until above the April high.


S&P-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (!) Orange status.
  • (!) At support.


S&P-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (!) Orange status.
  • (!) Support @2,542 (-4.53% below the current low)

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