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Bullish Biotechnology $IBB | #markets #trendfollowing #trading #investing #heikinashi #Biotechnology

February 7, 2021 Comments off

Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) daily

  • (+) Positive, higher highs, higher lows.
  • (++) haDelta bounced from its average.



Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) weekly

  • (+) Positive, impeccable trend.



Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) monthly

  • (!+) Overextended, two consecutive months with a close above the higher band. Consolidation is expected





The #biotechnology is poised to go higher $IBB #heikinashi #trendfollowing #markets #biotechs

September 19, 2020 Comments off

Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) daily

  • (+) Break above the descending channel. A higher high.
  • (!+) haDelta shows a sign of reversal.


Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) weekly

  • (+) The downtrend is shorter (until now) than the uptrend.
  • (+) Breakout above the haDelta downtrend resistance.


Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) monthly

  • (!)  @resistance
  • (+) An ascending triangle-like formation.
  • (!+) haDelta points to a reversal.


#Biotechnology #heikinashi #trends $IBB #markets #equities

August 14, 2016 Comments off

Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) daily 

  • (+) Imminent reversal


$IBB daily haOscillator #heikinashi trend chart

Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) weekly

  • (-) Imminent top


$IBB weekly haOscillator #heikinashi trend chart

Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF ($IBB) monthly 

  • (+) More room to advance


$IBB monthly haOscillator #heikinashi trend chart


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$AFFX bullish Heikin-Ashi signs $BBH $IBB $NBI #biotech #biotechnology #trends #markets #equities #trendfollowing #heikinashi

October 18, 2015 Comments off

Affymetrix ($AFFX) monthly

  • (+) Higher highs, higher lows since 2013
  • (+) At support now
  • (+) haDelta turned above its average


$AFFX daily heikin-ashi haDelta chart

Affymetrix ($AFFX) weekly

  • (-) Still in a clear downtrend
  • (-) Very weak reactions since the April top
  • (+) The last Heikin-Ashi candle suggests a positive week coming
  • (+) haDelta is above its average


$AFFX weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart

Affymetrix ($AFFX) daily

  • (-) Noise
  • (+) Trying to establish a bottom
  • (!)  Positive above $9.39


$AFFX monthly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


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Waiting for A Deep Correction #trading #markets #stocks

April 6, 2014 Comments off

(The arithmetic scale is kept on purpose)

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