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Market weakness $SPX $SPY: *one* technical view | #heikinashi #markets #trendfollowing

Or why you should add Heikin-Ashi tools to your analysis and trading/investing.

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • The recent high is in response to the previous very visible top, in late September-early October. Tweets may have exacerbated the momentum. But technical remains technical.
  • (-) Although a delayed indicator, $MACD works.
  • (-) haDelta points to more downward pressure.



SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (-) Lower MACD highs.
  • (!) MACD is ready to turn lower.
  • (-) “In haDelta I Trust!”
  • (-) S-oscillator is reversing from the top.


SP-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (!-) MACD may reverse.
  • (-) “In haDelta I Trust!”
  • (+) Risk is 11%.




Uptrend continuation for $SPX | #markets #trendfollowing

April 1, 2019 Comments off

S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) Above the trailing-stop (risk = 2.61%)
  • (+) The second day of a positive S-oscilator crossover


A 3D (confusing) market view | $SPX $SPY | #market #trendfollowing

March 31, 2019 Comments off

S&P500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) Tired with positive signs.


S&P500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (-) 3,000 and it is over.
  • (+) Strong probability for the S-oscillator to turn up.


S&P500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (+) Positive S-oscillator signal.
  • (!)  Possible diamond formation (negative bias) if a lower high is formed.


Listen to advice, but verify the 3D picture | $MRCY #heikinashi #markets #trendfollowing

March 24, 2019 2 comments

Mercury Systems ($MRCY) daily

  • (+) Consolidation with a positive bias
  • (-) S-oscillator is at an extreme value, signaling a top. Who buys at a top?
  • (+) Above the trailing-stop with a 6% risk
  • (+) A bullish pattern in a consolidation


Mercury Systems ($MRCY) weekly

  • (-) The extreme value of the S-oscillator does not support a long trade now


Mercury Systems ($MRCY) monthly

  • (-) Another extreme for the S-oscillator


Resistance for $AAPL | #heikinashi #markets #trading #Apple #trendfollowing

February 24, 2019 Comments off

Apple ($AAPL) daily

  • (!) @resitance
  • (+) S-oscillator points to a continuation of the uptrend


Apple ($AAPL) weekly

  • (-) S-oscillator is in the 90-area. Given the higher time frame, a top/consolidation is expected here.



$SPX It’s not over until it’s over | #markets #trendfollowing #trading #heikinashi

February 17, 2019 Comments off

Why the rally still has legs.

S&P-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (!)   Near exhaustion
  • (+) A generous trailing-stop 10% below the close


S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) 61.8% retracement has been penetrated.
  • (!) Next resistance: December and November highs


S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (!)   In the red zone (9)
  • (+) Enough room until the daily trailing-stop hits.


$HEAR looks fine, but not enough | #markets #trends #trendfollowing #heikinashi

January 20, 2019 Comments off

Turtle Beach Corp ($HEAR) daily

  • (+) Nice pop-up last Friday.
  • It needs to overcome the buy-stop and a positive S-oscillator crossover.


Turtle Beach Corp ($HEAR) weekly

  • (+-) Positive, with a question mark from the oscillator.
  • (++) Positive divergence Price :: S-oscillator. Probably consumed.


Turtle Beach Corp ($HEAR) monthly

  • (-) Negative for investors.


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