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Weak positives for #silver $SLV | #metals #markets #trendfollowing

January 27, 2019 Comments off

Silver ($SLV) daily

  • (+)    Solid bottom followed by an uptrend
  • (++) Breakout at support
  • (!)  Price is near resistance @14.90-15
  • (!)  haDelta at the resistance displayed during the uptrend


Silver ($SLV) weekly

  • (!) Trying to break out above the downtrend resistance. Tough.


Silver ($SLV) monthly

  • (-)  Massive downtrend
  • (+) haDelta positive signal


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A Heikin-Ashi + Ichimoku Perspective for $AUDUSD and $SLV

September 3, 2013 Comments off

$AUDUSD daily

  • An inverse Head-and-Shoulders waiting for a confirmation above the red dashed neckline
  • Best moment for a long entry: A close above the Ichimoku cloud.
  • Patience will pay off…



Silver ETF $SLV daily

  • Bullish Ichimoku chart
  • Bullish haDelta chart
  • Bullish heikin-ashi chart
  • A move above haDelta (red dashed) resistance would put $SLV on another bullish course




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Caution for $SLV $GLD

December 4, 2012 Comments off

Although the week just started, it’s worth noting two possible medium-term bearish indications:

  1. SMA(haDelta,3) < SMA(SMA(haDelta,3),3)
  2. The Heikin-Ashi Original Oscillator looks tired below 50. A failure to advance above 50 this week will have negative consequences (failed rally)


Caution for $SLV $GLD  12/3/2012

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Price Targets with haDelta (XAU) $GLD $SLV

September 9, 2012 Comments off

The blog entry posted on September 4 (169.88) indicated a heikin-ashi-based price target for XAU of 176.30.

Today, September 7, the target has been hit.

Calculation of price targets using haDelta in any time frame is another unknown feature of the heikin-ashi technique.


Price Targets with haDelta (XAU) $GLD $SLV  9/7/2012

PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU) $GLD $SLV

September 4, 2012 Comments off

haDelta shows a potential run up to its resistance with a price target of 176.00 (more precisely, 176.30)

PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU)  $GLD $SLV  8/31/2012

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