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More uptrend for the market $SPX | #markets #trendfollowing #trading #investing #heikinashi

November 8, 2020 Comments off

S&P-500 ($SPX) daily 

  • (-) temporary top. Noise.


S&P-500 ($SPX) weekly 

  • (+) more uptrend.



S&P-500 ($SPX) monthly 

  • (+!) The indications of a top are fading. Advances ahead.




$SPX, a top #heikinashi #markets #trendfollowing #trends #portfolio

September 26, 2020 Comments off

The Market Breadth charts are based on the Relative Strength inside the SP-500 index.

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (++) A short reaction is expected.


SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (+) 3,090 is a decent support,  6.30% lower from here.
  • (-) First time in negative territory since the March low.


SP-500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (-) A classic Japanese candle pattern confirmed with a very low value for the market breadth (37 out of 502)



$AAPL in the context of $SPY #markets #trendfollowing #heikinashi #Apple

August 23, 2020 Comments off

$SPY daily

  • (-)  Lack of volume, but price is more important than volume in the short-term.
  • (+) Below the top volatility band.
  • (+) Higher highs, higher lows.
  • (+) Stop-loss? Below the end-of-July low.


$AAPL daily

  • (+) The S-oscillator points to an uptrend.
  • (+) haDelta is positive.


$SPY weekly

  • See the daily comments above.


$AAPL weekly

  • (+) haDelta points to a continuation here.


$SPY monthly

  • (+) Still below the top volatility band.


$AAPL monthly

  • (+) S-oscillator points to the continuation of the uptrend.
  • (++) Notice the aftermath of an haDelta crossing at zero!


$SPX, a case for an new all-time-high | #markets #heikinashi #trendfollowing #investing #trading

August 9, 2020 Comments off

S&P-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) S-oscillator is above 90, with the average below it.
  • (+) $SPX is near the all-time high.


S&P-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (+) S-oscillator reversed higher below 90.


  • (+) In all past cases since 2010 – with one exception in 2018 – S-oscillator bullish reversals brought it to the 90-level and the index, higher.


S&P-500 ($SPX) monthly

$SPX, Risk on #markets #SPX #SPY #markets #heikinashi

May 31, 2020 Comments off

SP-500 ($SPX) daily

  • (!) A pullback is expected.


SP-500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (+) Bullish

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