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Deja-vu: Benefit(s) of Using Heikin-Ashi $WDC $SPY $QQQ

January 2, 2013 Comments off

Western Digital $WDC looks bullish from here. It’s worth looking at what happened in the past when haDelta met and crossed above its SMA(3) near zero.

The Benefit(s) of Using Heikin-ashi $WDC $SPY $QQQ  1/2/2013

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Update: Bullish Heikin-Ashi with Ichimoku for S&P-500 $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA

December 18, 2012 Comments off

Two independent signals provide higher confidence:

  1. A close above the Ichimoku cloud +
  2. haDelta over its SMA(3) near zero


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Bearish Picture for Microsoft $MSFT $SPY

December 10, 2012 Comments off

The old culprit hits again: The bearish crossing haDelta :: SMA(3).

Add the failure of the Heikin-ashi Original Oscillator and you get a dangerous picture for the Old Lady.


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Sotheby’s and the Equity Markets $BID $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA

November 15, 2012 Comments off

It’s known that Sotheby’s $BID acts as warning for the equity markets.

$BID is near an important support but it displays a (bearish) Head-and-Shoulders pattern with an objective (around $23) that goes below the dashed neckline and support.

Conclusion: Expected bounce at the July-August support and later, a breakdown towards meeting the price target. If the relationship $BID :: $SPX remains unchanged, we can expect the S&P-500 $SPX going below 1,320.


Sotheby's and the Equity Market $BID $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA 11/14/2012

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Another Great Heikin-Ashi Chart $SPY $SPX $DIA $DJIA $HD

November 1, 2012 Comments off

Can you beat haDelta? It is very tough…

Another Great Heikin-Ashi Chart $SPY $SPX $DIA $DJIA 11/1/2012

And an update of yesterday’s $HD chart:

$HD, A Great Weekly Chart 11/1/2012

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A Bullish Heikin-Ashi Chart $TER

October 26, 2012 Comments off

Weekly: Good upside potential to the first haDelta resistance level


A Bullish Heikin-Ashi Chart $TER 10/25/2012


Daily: It looks saturated (haDelta hit resistance). If and when haDelta will cross above its daily resistance, the character will turn very bullish.

A Bullish Heikin-Ashi Chart $TER 10/25/2012

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Don’t Expect Too Much $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA

October 24, 2012 Comments off

An update on the previous post:

Despite the big fall. haDelta moved horizontally (not ready for the much awaited reversal).

Dead cat bounce in sight.

Two scenarios here, short-term:

  1. A small reaction OR/AND
  2. haDelta may record a failure to go across its average SMA3


  1. Bull trap OR/AND
  2. More downside

Don't Expect Too Much $SPX $SPY $DIA $DJIA 10/23/2012

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