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$UBER and $TWTR: A #heikinashi technical view | #markets #trendfollowing #trading

October 6, 2019 Comments off

Uber ($UBER) daily

  • (-)  Clear downtrend (lower highs, lower lows).
  • (-)  Below the red-dotted buy-stop.
  • (+) Weak positive haDelta sign.


Uber ($UBER) weekly

  • (!-) High odds to go lower (haDelta failure).


Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • (-) Short-term downtrend (lower lows, lower highs).
  • (-) Below the red-dotted buy-stop. A reaction remains a reaction.


Twitter ($TWTR) weekly

  • (+) Uptrend (higher highs, higher lows).
  • (+) Above the blue-dotted trailing-stop.
  • (-)  Negative haDelta setup.


Twitter ($TWTR) monthly

  • (+) Above the trailing-stop.
  • (!)  Consolidation.



$SPX, $TWTR, a #heikinashi #trend perspective | #markets #trendfollowing #twitter

August 10, 2019 Comments off

S&P 500 ($SPX) daily

  • (+) S-oscillator.
  • (-)  Short reaction.


S&P 500 ($SPX) weekly

  • (!) Sitting on the trailing-stop.
  • (-) Room for more downside.


S&P 500 ($SPX) monthly

  • (!) Unstable high position (S-oscillator).


Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • (-) More downside from here.


Twitter ($TWTR) weekly

  • (-) A top here.


Twitter ($TWTR) monthly

  • (! -) Overextended.


Twitter time $TWTR #twitter #trends #markets

January 28, 2018 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily


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Why $TWTR looks bullish now #markets #equities #twitter #trendfollowing #money

March 6, 2016 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • (+) Buy-stop has been triggered (top pane)
  • (++) haDelta bullish crossover near zero (mid-pane)
  • (+) Chikou-span above the price (lower pane)
  • (+) Close is above both Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen (lower pane)
  • (!+) A cloud inflexion is anticipated 28 days from today. It usually points to a strong trend until then.
  • (Red arrows) Typical Heikin-Ashi failures followed by new downtrends.


Twitter ($TWTR) weekly

  • (-) In strong downtrend (top pane)
  • (+) Bullish haDelta indication (middle pane)
  • (–) Strong bearish sentiment (below the cloud, lower pane)


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A possible upswing for $TWTR #markets #trading #stocks #trendfollwing

April 1, 2015 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • (+) Above support (trailing-stop)
  • (+) Smoothed haDelta may turn above its average
  • Red and blue arrows point to subsequent strong trends


$TWTR daily haDelta heikin-ashi chart

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$TWTR, Heikin-Ashi and Ichimoku #markets #stocks #trendfollowing #trading

January 11, 2015 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • (+) In the process of building a bottom.
  • (+) White heikin-ashi candles
  • (+) Buy-stop activated
  • (-) Thick Ichimoku cloud ahead (tough resistance)
  • (-) Short reaction almost finished


$TWTR heikin-ashi and Ichimoku daily chart

Twitter ($TWTR) weekly

  • (+) haOscillator shows a bullish signal


$TWTR heikin-ashi and Ichimoku weekly chart


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$TWTR is ready for a BIG move #markets #trading #stocks #trendfollowing

July 24, 2014 Comments off

Twitter ($TWTR) daily

  • Big move ahead.
  • The short-term picture is positive, but sending a ‘do not rush’ message.
  • Positive bias due to the positive divergence (blue dashed lines).
  • Positive bias due to $TWTR proximity to the upper margin of the Ichimoku cloud (Senkou-span B).
  • There are two levels where a long trade could be initiated: (a) a close above the cloud and/or (b) a close above the buy-stop @41.18.
  • Although the short-term bias is positive, a stop-loss should be in place. Choice#1 is just below the July price low. Choice#2 is the first close below the Ichimoku cloud.


Twitter ($TWTR) weekly

  • Downtrend.
  • Trying to establish a base for the last 13 days (the last three Heikin-Ashi black candles).


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