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Is the danger gone? $VIX $AMZN $SPY $SPX

October 21, 2018 Comments off

AMZN/VIX daily

AMZN/VIX weekly

  • (-) Higher volatility ahead.


AMZN/VIX monthly

  • (-) A possible return of higher volatility.


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$VIX short-term view #markets #stocks #volatility #trading

January 30, 2015 Comments off


$VIX daily

  • The arrows show failures of the haDelta to change the trend.
  • haDelta has resistance @past peaks (room for the markets to fall more).
  • Going with the heikin-ashi $VIX trend.


$VIX heikin-ashi and haDelta daily chart


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$VIX and Bollinger Bands: A Multiple-Timeframe View #markets #worden #stocks

November 17, 2013 Comments off


  • @support
  • BBdiff = BBtop – BBbottom (blue) is above its 3-bar moving average (sign of increased volatility)


  • @long-term support
  • BBdiff is indicating room for lower volatility


  • @long-term support
  • $VIX = 10 is a critical value to observe
  • even here, as for the daily chart, BBdiff spoints to an increased volatility


  • $VIX at 10 becomes a real issue
  • $VIX has room to go lower (and the market higher)
  • $VIX is very ‘attached’ to the lower Bollinger Band (see daily chart) and wants to slide
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$VIX Bottom Here?

March 2, 2013 Comments off

Is the market at a top?

While identifying tops is more difficult than finding bottoms, to answer the question we look at the $VIX and apply the Coppock Indicator on a monthly chart. Given the negative correlation between S&P-500 (“Market”) and $VIX, a low of the monthly $VIX points to a market top.

As of February 28, 2013:  The monthly $VIX printed a higher negative value compared with its previous value in January. And this is a technical indication of a low for the $VIX.

(Note: Several times in the past, the monthly $VIX went lower again, invalidating/delaying  the current picture. It’s part of the imperfect game.)

$VIX Bottom Here?

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Major Top in Sight? $VIX $SPY $SPX $DIA $DJIA

January 15, 2013 Comments off


The Coppock indicator should print first a higher end-of-month value.

Although January is still far from its end, there are minimal odds to have such indication on January 30. The nearest month when VIX can record a higher value is now February.

Major Top in Sight? $VIX $SPY $SPX $DIA $DJIA   1/14/2013

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It’s the Volatility, Stupid $VIX $SPX $SPY

September 12, 2012 Comments off

The monthly picture looks bad for the market with a positive VIX :: haDelta divergence.


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